Vegan Guide: How to Become an Effective Vegan

Who are vegans?

Vegans are individuals who prefer to eat foods that exclude anything derived from animals. Also, living as vegans is not limited to foods, but any products with animal prints are oftentimes excluded. 

What is the purpose of being a vegan?

Veganism is not just a choice, but an advocacy to protect not only oneself from the dangers brought by consuming animal-derived products, but to help animals live freely within the range of their habitats. The benefits of being a vegan are well-rounded, not only you keep yourself healthy, but you are also able to keep the animals from being mistreated and being slaughtered.

How to become an effective vegan?

If you are planning to get involved in this year’s world vegan day, here are some tips on how to become an effective vegan:

1. Learn everything you need about veganism
Transitioning from non-vegan to vegan is not easy. So, you have to learn every small thing about being a vegan; start with the benefits. Then, try to expand your understanding of vegan diet by reading lists of products that you should and you should not use.

Again, veganism is not limited to foods, but it can be anything that has animal prints with it; for instance, toothpaste. Did you know that vegans have their own toothpaste too? Since most of the regular toothpaste is formulated with animal-derived ingredients, you have to look for cruelty free toothpaste with vegan ingredients.

Also, always be on the lookout for new vegan researches, stores with vegan products, and even restaurants. Additionally, read reviews, blogs, and documentaries anything about veganism. Moreover, try to support other groups whose advocacies also focuses on veganism or anything related. 

2. Start adding vegan diet before reducing your current diet
The vegan diet is hard for non-vegans. So, the best way to trick your mind and body is to add more vegan diet and slowly reducing the non-vegans; for instance, add more leafy vegetables on your diet and slowly replacing your meat with tofu or any vegan diet that has equivalent taste and nutrition.

3. Look for motivation
As you approach in between your journey to veganism, you will find it challenging to continue due to your environment – friends and families who are non-vegan, your neighbouring stores and malls that do not have non-vegan products, and even the movie that you are watching does not promote veganism – will definitely put you into test. So, to overcome these inevitable trials, try to find motivations, like reading more about veganism, join clubs or forums whose advocacies are the same as yours, and try to expand the circle of your friends who are non-vegan.

4.    Always stay positive
No matter how hard it is or difficult it may be, do not lose confidence. Stay positive.
Stop thinking about how delicious non-vegan foods are or how excellent fashion trends are; focus on your advocacy and the reason why you want to become a vegan.

Again, it’s not just a choice, but an advocacy that you want to be part of.